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When Do Babies Sit Up Unassisted & On Their Own?

If you have had your first baby, you may be trying to figure out at what age your child should reach all of their milestones at. One of the milestones you may be trying to determine is when do babies sit up. As you try to determine this, keep in mind that all babies are different. The age at which one child may do one thing varies drastically from the age that another child may do something. However, here are a few of the different milestones that have to do with the time line of when babies sit up.

Most babies should be sitting up between 4-7 months

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The Ability to Sit Up With Assistance

As soon as your child is able to support the weight of their own head with their neck, your child can sit up with assistance. This includes sitting on your lap, sitting in a swing, sitting in a bouncer or sitting in a stroller. However, when your child is still young, most pediatricians recommend that you start them in a reclined position until their neck muscles strengthen. Usually around three to four months, they can sit up in a normal seated position without their head flopping around. If your child’s head falls or bounces, keep them in a reclined seated position until the neck muscles strengthen to avoid strain and pain.

The Ability to Sit Up On Their Own When Placed in a Sitting Position

Somewhere around the age of five to six months, most babies can remain seated in an upright position on their own if you position them. At this age, the majority of children cannot yet pull themselves into a seated position. However, placing them in this position and allowing them to hold the position helps to strengthen their back and neck muscles so they will gain the strength needed to position themselves into a seated position within a few weeks.

The Ability to Pull Themselves Into a Seated Position

Most babies are able to pull themselves from a laying position into a seated position between the ages of six and eight months. They may be able to pull themselves into this position from both back laying and tummy laying positions. Typically, most babies begin to roll over around five months, begin to sit around six months and are crawling around the seven month mark. But some babies may mix the order up, and may begin skip over tasks only to come back to them in the future. As such, the age range for this task varies.

If your child does not meet these milestones, you may want to discuss it with a pediatrician. However, for the most part, as long as your child is meeting all of their other milestones, most doctors are not concerned. Some children have more interest in crawling than they do sitting up, while other may be more interested in sitting still and playing than crawling. As long as your child is healthy, thriving and meet most of their milestones, your child is likely healthy and completely normal.

How Can I Help My Baby Learn To Sit Up?

It is fairly simple.  When your baby is lying on his or her back, gently lift up and put the baby in the sitting position.

Another way that is more unassisted that I have learned is to sit on the floor with them and surround your baby with pillows.  Get their favorite toys and place them just a little bit out of reach.  When the baby tries to get the toy, he/she will hopefully pull themselves up using the pillows for balance.

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